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Bella sculpture 

A portal between

digital and physical worlds.


BELLA is a limited edition sculpture.

The purchase of the sculptures includes the following:


- Bella physical sculpture (inc. shipment) details below.

- The 3D file of the sculpture ( hidden content included in the NFT)

- The right of 3d printing the sculpture via Sandhelden Gmbh for a max of extra 2 times. Note that the costs associated with the manufacturing and shipping of the extra pieces are not included in this NFT purchase and have to be arranged with the manufacturer. 

Sculpture details :

​Bella's organic flowing design symbolizes the ephemeral nature of sand, which varies with the passage of time.

Simone's goal in using 3D printing manufacturing processes is to create a sharper contrast between the delicate shapes of the sculpture and the tactile properties of the given material.

Limited edition of 3 pieces.

Each sculpture has a code printed on the base associated with its NFT which guarantees authenticity, provenance and ownership of the piece.

3D Sculpture 

Limited Edition 1 of 3.

Size: ˜ 25.6 W x 23.6 H x 11.8 D in. ˜200x710x410 mm. ~15KG

Ships in a Box from Germany, please allow 4 to 9 weeks for shipment and production. 

Production Process

BELLA sculpture is made using only quartz sand, and It has a geometry that is not manufacturable by traditional manufacturing techniques. 

Crafted in one single piece, BELLA is developed in collaboration with SANDHELDEN, who patented a manufacturing process that allows hardening 3D printing big parts without compromising the final quality. 

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