1 - Start with your concept

2 - Develop your 3d model

3 - 3D print it!

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Course Content


Blender 2.8 - Introduction

PC & Mac Install for Blender 2.8 

User Interface Tour - Welcome to the New Blender 2.8

Blender Add On - 3D Printing Toolbox & Bool Tool

Window Customization

Moving Around - Mouse Buttons

The 3D View

The Timeline

The Properties Editor

The Outliner

The Info Editor

Short Cut Keys

Adding a Mesh

Let the Modelling Commence

Grab, Rotate, & Scale

Duplication Types

Edit Mode

Mesh Selection Methods

Repair & Booleans

Flatten Design with Difference Boolean

Adding some Modifiers 

Exporting and importing 3D models

Blender 2.8 Overview Complete

Cura – Introduction

Add a Printer and set-up

Principles for 3D printing and common troubleshooting

Print settings overview

Layer height


Build Plate adhesion

Cura – Overview Complete




ShapeWays - Introduction

Set up an account and upload your model

Set up a shop

Different material explained

ShapeWays - Overview Complete


What's next?

Requirements :

  • FREE Download of Blender 2.8 - 3D software

  • FREE Download of Cura - world’s most popular 3D printing software

  • A FREE version of Zoom or Skype 

  • Ruler or Caliper

  • PC or Mac Computer

  • Optional: 3D Printer

Key Features

  • 4 hours - 2 lectures of 2 hrs each

  • On-Line Classes of max 5 people via Zoom or Skype meeting.

  • No previous experience is required only basic computer literacy and willingness to learn new skills.

  • The classes will be recorded and available to the students.

  • Nobody likes long courses that take hours to explain what could be clearly explained in 5 minutes. The aim of the course is about allowing the students to be up and running in the shortest time possible.e.

  • Custom courses tailored following your study goals available upon request.

  • Courses will start end of April 2020.


Learn 3D modelling & 3D Printing with the free software Blender 3D & Cura.

A comprehensive course to getting started with a 3D printer.

Created for enthusiasts, the course covers fundamental techniques and design guidelines used for 3D Printing. Learn the main additive manufacturing technologies available and how to incorporate them into your workflow.

What you will learn:

  • Develop unique 3D models for 3D Printing in Blender.

  • Turn your ideas into something real by having them 3D printed.

  • Set-up 3D models for printing fast and efficiently inside the free software Cura.

  • Monetize - Export your 3D models to Shapeways for 3D printing.


Italian designer Simone Leonelli is currently based in Sydney fulfilling a successful career within the design industry.

This eclectic designer has a unique career path, as he is as fascinated by mass production as he is by special tailor-made  pieces which are the result of experienced craftsmanship and excellence. 
He considers technology will blur the boundaries between science and craftsmanship. He sees the future of design as taking this vision and creating new perspectives.





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