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2020 Book, Design For -Fausto Lupetti Publications [EAN: 9788868742911]

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2022 July NFT(Digital collectible), FutureArt, Sydeny, Australia.

2021 June NFT(Digital collectible),@NFT.NYC via Mint Gold Dust, New York.

2021 April NFT(Digital collectible) in Melbourne at Nook Gallery Art exhibition.

2021 May MADS Art Galleries, Milan, Italy.

2021 May MADS Art Galleries, Formentera, Spain.

2019 The Other Art Fair, Solo exhibition, an exploration on how technology empowers art.

2017 Blurred Boundaries, Solo exhibition, Across Art, Fashion, Technologies.
Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA) , Perth, Australia.

2016 Future Vision, Solo exhibition, interactive showcase of 3D printed Dresses and Accessories.
The Garden, Perth, Australia.

2016 Fashioning Technology, International group exhibition concerning the application of emerging
technologies and advanced materials to textiles.
Raine Square, Perth, Australia.

2016 Bird on Wire, Charity fundraising event, Showcase of 3D printed objects.
Hyde Park Botanical Garden, Perth, Australia.

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