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'Fashioning Technology' exhibition.

Supported by Raine Square. 

Curated by Dr Anne Farren, Fashion Academic and Researcher at Curtin University, and Bradley Quinn, Author, Consultant and Fashion Industry Strategist. 

"Technologized garments take innovation to the highest level, making a future that may seem out of reach relevant to fashion today. Fashioning Technology presents the application of emerging technologies and advanced materials to textiles, garments and accessories designed with a new generation of consumers in mind."

This garment perfectly illustrates the possibilities of combining together handmade manufacture and 3D printing process.
The 3D printed parts of the dress are made of synthetic polymer. The flexible nature of the material allowed for the 2-dimensional structures to be printed and then assembled together, like puzzle pieces. The pattern was digitally split and distorted into 28 panels of less than one millimeter in thickness in order to effectively produce the flexible effect, and ensure the wearability.
Overall, the entire 3D printing process took 55 hours and used less than 1 kg of material, the final assembly took two days. 

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