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Cm W.100xH.100xD.9

"Platonic Solids-Inspired Mirror - Symmetrical Art Piece"

Description: Discover the exquisite "Platonic Solids-Inspired Mirror", a masterpiece of symmetrical design and aesthetic allure. Measuring a perfect square of 100cm in width and height with a depth of 9cm, this mirror transcends mere functionality to become a conversation piece.

The design celebrates the Platonic solids, renowned for their unique property of uniform symmetry in every dimension. Each solid - the cube (earth), icosahedron (water), tetrahedron (fire), octahedron (air), and dodecahedron (cosmos) - is intricately represented, symbolizing the harmonious blend of art and science.

This mirror not only reflects your image but also echoes the profound philosophies of Plato, making it an ideal addition to spaces that appreciate the fusion of artistic elegance and scientific profundity.

Availability: This exclusive piece is available upon request, offering a unique opportunity to incorporate a blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary design into your space.

Explore this perfect blend of art, science, and philosophy in your home or office.

Contact us to request this singular artistic creation.


3D Printed Sculptures inspired by the ocean waves and spirit.

The ocean is everything we want to be, beautiful, mysterious, wild and free.


Resin version, two sizes available.


- Ocean sculpture vase Nymphae, dimensions:

cm 18x19xH 8.5


- Ocean sculpture vase Tulip, dimensions :

cm 15x15xH 18




3D printed PLA. 

100% BIO-polyester, 100% Biodegradable


Price: USD 370 - 440

In the case that you want to decorate the vase with a bunch of flowers do not directly fill the vase with water.

Please use glass or other small waterproof containers.

Black Sand Edition

Two sizes are available.


- Ocean sculpture vase Nymphae , dimensions:

cm 217 x 219 x H 10


- Ocean sculpture vase Tulip, dimensions :

cm 23,8 x 24 x H 32 


Material: 3d Printed Quartz Sand


Contact us to request this singular artistic creation.


3D Printed sculpture inspired by the Sea Star shape.



Dimensions: cm 18x18xH 9

Material :

3D printed PLA. 
100% BIO-polyester, 100% Biodegradable 


Price: USD1490 



Products are available upon request.
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