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Simone Leonelli is a highly experienced design professional with a career spanning over 15 years in the industrial and architectural design industry. His expertise covers a wide range of projects, from individual rooms to large-scale commercial and private commissions. Simone has collaborated with leading European brands such as Fendi Casa and Bentley Home, and has gained a reputation for his
custom-designed spaces, furniture, and decorations.

Simone draws inspiration from the unique and refreshing feel of European living, incorporating elements from France, Asia, and Scandinavia. He is renowned for his exceptional use of color palettes and materials, with his signature designs featuring prestigious woods, metals, textiles, and luxury finishes. His approach to design is characterized by a focus on quality, aesthetics, and functionality, resulting in noteworthy and inspiring results.

Throughout his career, Simone has had the privilege of working alongside some of the most exceptional designers and artisans in the industry, including Karl Lagerfeld and Vladimir Kagan. His Italian sensibility and flair for aesthetic interpretation have enabled him to achieve outstanding results, making him a sought-after design professional in the industry.


Simone and Vladimir Kagan at the ClubHouse headquarters in Forli, 2015.

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