Infinito sculpture in solid quartz sand, representing the infinity sign, a legendary symbol of eternity with a bold look and serene power.




The Infinito sculpture design is derived from studies of the infinity symbol. 

Simone stretched, manipulated and shaped the infinity emblematic shape to create a ring that keeps the iconic torsion of the symbol without being obvious. 

This sculpture is entirely made of quartz sand through the additive manufacturing process and combines gentle shapes with the beauty of an organic structure, beautiful continuous lines combined with quiet yet sophisticated design, giving you a sublime feeling. 

Made in a limited edition of 10 pieces using state of the art technology to reduce light reflection, this bold and deep black finish will please your eyes and soothe your mind.


INFINITO pushes the quartz sand manufacturing process to its limits, and the result fuses structural strength and smooth decorative quality.

Dimension : H.64xW.44xD.22cm


Production Process

INFINITO sculpture is made using only quartz sand. Its shape may look fairly simple, but it is quite complex at the same time. It has a geometry that is not manufacturable by traditional manufacturing techniques. 

Crafted in one single piece, INFINITO is developed in collaboration with SANDHELDEN, who patented a manufacturing process that allows to hardening 3D printing big parts without compromising the final quality. 




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