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Visi is a customisable sculpture which is designed to be valuable, attractive and collectable as a piece of contemporary art.

Just as each face is different, so are the w230’s sculptures.

If you are interested in having your personalised bespoke VISI sculpture using your or someone else’s face scroll down below and see how to get it.



The idea behind the project Visi is to create a sculpture which takes inspiration from the classics, but it is made using today's manufacturing technologies.


It has always been a privilege of few people to have a personalised sculpture.

Nowadays, it is relatively simple to buy a 3D model of yourself; unfortunately, often most of the time these objects are not appealing and look like toys.

With a view of combining cutting-edge technologies and classical reminiscences, VISI sculptures put the person at the centre of the project.


The use of additive manufacturing allows producing one-off pieces without having an impact on the final cost and quality.

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How to get your personalised VISI sculpture..



Download a 3D scan app on your phone* (e.g. Capture) from your favourite app store.



*Note some apps are available only for the new generation phones.

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3D Scan your face.

Make sure all the face is included.

Please don't wear sunglasses.




Send us your 3D file will take care of making it real and ship it directly to your door.


This is how I did mine..

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VISI sculpture is available in two finishes :
- Natural Sand
- Carbon

Size of the Classic Sculpture: ~123 x 175 x 160 mm

Please note size can vary according to the face morphology of the face. tolerance​ +- 1.5cm

Weight: ~1,5 Kg


Production Process

The VISI sand series is produced in collaboration with SANDHELDEN, who patented a manufacturing process that allows to hardening 3D printed pieces using the finest quartz sand.


The manufacturing process in 3D printing is not bound to conventional restrictions such as undercuts or quantities. The resulting flexibility allows the production of unique individual bespoke pieces.


Each piece is produced under the highest production standard in Germany using either natural Quartz Sand or Graphitic Carbon, both materials have an incredible and distinctive look and feel.


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